Tips on writing the research paper abstract

The research abstract plays an important role in explaining your subject very quickly. This is the executive summary that helps in selling your subject to the readers. Students are expected to follow specific guidelines while writing the abstract of their paper. We shall first take a look at what students are to consider before writing the abstract. 

Before Writing the abstract

You have to decide on the type of abstract that you want to write from the very word go. We have informative and descriptive abstracts and you have to decide on which of the two that you wanted to follow. The informative abstract is common of the two. 

After you have decided on the type of abstract, you have to research for the abstract guidelines as well as the requirements on demand. The following questions must be answered in the guidelines of the author:

  • What is the maximum or minimum word length?
  • You have to know the style and formatting guideline
  • What is the ideal abstract type?
  • What are the contents and application rules that apply if any?

The above are the primary rules and if it is applied, you are going to get the results that mattered which will make your manuscript acceptable.

Your target readership

It is also important that you identify your target readership before beginning work on your abstract. You are expected to provide only useful info in writing your abstract and include the use of keywords to attract more readers.

The structure of the abstract

Let us now go into what is expected in the structure of the abstract:

  • Your purpose/motivation: You have to sell your idea to the reading public. Tell them the reason why the question needs to be answered and go on to provide the appropriate answer through detailed analysis that will be backed up by credible references.
  • What is the problem being addressed: Take it further by explaining the problem that you are addressing by stating the effects it had on the people and the reason why there is a need to address answers to it. 
  • Discuss your approach: You are expected to discuss the methods and the materials that you intend to use in the paper through the abstract. You are expected to do the following here:
    1. Detail your research
    2. Present evidence to support your claim in a brief
    3. Emphasis important sources that you used
  • Summary of your results: It is expected of each student to give a summary of the results that they are arriving at. You have to be brief here like when you are writing a summary in English language paper- use only relevant words.
  • Your conclusion: Here, the emphasis should be on the following:
    1. What is the effect of the results on the field of study or the wider world?
    2. What are the relevant studies that will yield more solutions to the problem?
    3. Suggestions for the information needed to expand knowledge in the area of study?

Final take

The tips above are enough for any student that wants to give the best results that count in the delivery of abstract research paperwork.