Top Psychology Research Paper Topics

Psychology is one of the most interesting branches of the science of all time. While it deals with the behavioral aspects of our minds, the subconscious part of it influences almost each of our daily activities.

Being a scientific discipline on its own, it can be hard for students to narrow down on specific research topics for their assignments. No matter your level of education, we have compiled a working list of some of the very best psychology topic ideas in the world.

Feel free to pick the one that interests you more and start working on your paper right away. In case none of these will fit what you are looking for, feel free to use them as inspirational elements to help you build upon your idea.

Just make sure that your topic will be debatable and argumentative. To be safe, countercheck with the instructions given or seek guidance from your instructor. This will help you compose an A+ paper and ensure that you will be within the delineated boundaries and limits set for your paper.

The guideline has been categorized into specific groups and we hope that it goes a long way to help you attain the good grades that you are yearning for.

Topics for social psychology

  • Important factors that affect social cognition in society
  • The role of aggressive behavior in social psychology
  • The main causes of discrimination and prejudice in society today
  • Impacts of the death of a child to the overall behavior of family members
  • Societal adjustments towards physical disabilities
  • Social influence and impacts on children in the digital age
  • How does interpersonal relationships lead to behavioral changes in society?

Topics for cognitive psychology

  • Why you should use color psychology in developing cognitive abilities for your child
  • Does autism have any effects on modern world society?
  • Is ADHD affecting your child’s development?
  • How to identify if your child is suffering from attention deficit disorder
  • Have you suffered amnesia lately? Here is how to recover your memories back
  • Reasons why people repress part of their memories

Topics for developmental psychology

  • How to counter bullying with developmental psychology
  • Is the media
  • Reasons that lead to psychopathic behavior in youths today
  • Are gender roles of any significance in today’s society?
  • Main psychologically proven reasons why aging happens
  • Reasons why parenting could be hurting developmental psychology in silence

Topics for abnormal psychology

  • Why is anorexia on the rise among children?
  • Best methods to study anomie in psychology
  • Shreds of evidence that adults too have anorexia
  • Reasons why people suffer multiple personality disorders
  • What to do to change cannibalistic African culture
  • Is your sexual orientation asexual?

Topics for clinical psychology

  • How to use psychology in managing chronic pain
  • Existence of PTSD in clinical environments
  • How to use cognitive behavior therapies to manage depression
  • Is your abusive relationship becoming traumatic?
  • Clinical treatments for agoraphobia

In conclusion, the above list is by no means exhaustive. Use it to find your inspiration for a better topic idea or pick one that has already interested you.